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American health experts wrote: To prevent the new coronavirus infection, gloves are more important than masks!

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American health experts wrote: To prevent the new coronavirus infection, gloves are more important than masks!

American health expert Laurie Garrett (Laurie Garrett) is a well-known American female journalist who won The Peabody Award, George Polk Award and Pulitzer Award The first person of three famous journalism awards. He is currently a senior researcher in global health at the US Council on Foreign Relations. She has done fieldwork and in-depth research on large-scale infectious diseases such as Ebola and SARS and public health crises, and published "Broken Faith: The Paralysis of Global Public Health", "Popular World! World of Infectious Diseases", "Approaching Plague" "And many other books on infectious diseases and public health.

Regarding the nCoV2019 virus this time, she wrote an article about her experience and knowledge of facing infectious diseases. In the article, he mentioned that wearing gloves and frequent hand washing in the face of the spread of the virus is more important than wearing a mask!

In real life, no matter what kind of pneumonia, it will be infected by droplets. Because droplets are very heavy, they will not spread in the air, so the chance of people inhaling these bacteria directly into the body is very low. But the bacteria in the droplets can stay on the surface of any public goods for 24 hours and are still very active. Studies have shown that an ordinary person touches the face 10 times an hour. Once your hands are contaminated, you touch your eyes/nose/ Mouth, you will be in danger. This is why in the early stages of SARS, even though medical staff were wearing N95 masks, they were still infected with the disease.

Therefore, in the face of this epidemic, for the health of yourself and others, please wear disposable gloves while wearing a mask in your daily life.

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